Dr. Selznick is an oral surgeon who limits his practice to what he loves doing most—removing wisdom teeth and performing dental extractions on patients while they’re asleep! Dr. Selznick can turn your anxiety of an unpleasant experience into a very tolerable reality. For decades, he has focused on the purest and classical aspects of oral surgery. Because of his laser-focused practice choices, he can provide you with the most competitive prices as a specialist. With the utmost in patient safety, comfort, and quality, Dr. Selznick makes a trip for dental oral surgery into an affordable expense.


We provide world-class surgical services by personalizing your care, utilizing state-of-the-art technology, and practicing cutting-edge surgical techniques. Our oral surgeon, Dr. Jay Selznick, is a specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery. He is a true professional with over 25 years of experience. He performs wisdom teeth removal and other surgical procedures at a great price. Each spotless office is inspected and certified by the State of Nevada, has modern equipment, and is staffed by friendly, amazing professionals.

All our efforts are strongly tailored to the medical and financial needs of our patients. We deliver quality surgical services at an extremely affordable cost. By accepting nearly all insurances, including Medicaid, we can offer competitive pricing and payment options including financing through CareCredit.


Our staff has advanced training in administering anesthesia and is always able to ensure our patients’ comfort, even for the most complex cases. We also accept patients who need sleep dentistry or do not want to be treated while they are awake, and we look forward to giving them a five-star experience!


If you think you may need your tooth pulled, don’t worry. Dr. Selznick’s specialty is removing the tooth while you are asleep by using general anesthesia for a safe and stress-free experience. He uses his gentle touch and superior surgical skills for careful extractions, alleviating pain, and successfully restoring bright smiles.


The easiest time to remove wisdom teeth is when the roots start to develop, which occurs from 17-25 years of age. We know that the thought of surgery can be daunting, but rest assured. Dr. Selznick is a wisdom teeth expert, answers all questions, and offers our excellent Wisdom Tooth Special: quality custom treatment plans for $1499!

It’s always nice to get a second opinion, and Dr. Selznick is happy to give you one when you’re just not sure about a recommended procedure.

For your convenience, we have flexible hours to accommodate busy schedules!

I am dedicated to providing the highest quality outpatient diagnostic Oral & Maxillofacial surgical services to my patients. I am committed to providing the most advanced technologies available and to use these technologies and surgical skills judiciously in helping referring doctors accurately diagnose and treat my patients. I always strive to advance my skill to effectively and efficiently care for my patients, never forgetting to treat each patient with dignity and compassion.

~Jay K. Selznick, D.M.D., M.D., Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

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