Nevada Spas & Billiards- Reno, NV

Nevada Spas & Billiards, formerly known as Sierra Nevada spas & billiards, specialize in a full-service hot tub & pool table sales, installation, and service in Reno and Sparks. Our goal is to provide the top names for your home or business, provide entertainment, relaxation & quality time with your family & friends.

We are the authorized dealer in Reno/ Tahoe for Dimension One Spas & Nordic Hot Tubs for our Jacuzzis. In addition, we offer Drawknife & Presidential Billiards for our Pool Tables & Accessories.

Are you currently searching for a store in Reno, NV that is selling the best hot tubs and spas? If you are, you will find exactly what you need by visiting Nevada Spas & Billiards. This company has been serving the Reno area for many years, offering some of the best hot tubs that you will ever see. They also offer exceptional spas, that you will want to invest in right away.

How To Contact Nevada Spas & Billiards?

You can contact our company by phone, or you can simply submit a spa inquiry form that would be found on our website. If you are located in Reno, you can stop by our main showroom located at 4165 S. Virginia St. We are open seven days a week, serving the immediate Reno area, as well as Sparks, Carson City, and Spanish Springs.


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