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Set your course with Plus Minus.

Navigating the world of finance, tax law, and accounting can be overwhelming. At Plus Minus in Oregon City, Oregon we understand these challenges, and look to being a navigational tool for our clients. Think of us as a GPS for your finances and your business.

We combine accuracy, forethought, technology and strong communications to create precise results for our clients. For us, it’s not about “coming close,” or “almost making it.” It’s about making sure you reach your stated goal.

Every detail matters
Just as you expect any navigational tool to take you to your desired destination, you can count on Plus Minus to do the same for your finances. We delve into the gears of your tax situation, dig into the details of your returns, pinpoint your accounting-related needs, and stay ahead of tax changes while keeping our eyes on the horizon.

Our professional services run the gambit, including proactive tax planning, Quickbooks administration, tax preparation, consulting, and full service payroll, each delivered with accuracy and effectiveness. Our goal is to make sure you’re in position to arrive where, when, and how you want.

Payroll Services

Put us at the helm of your payroll situation.

When a business has payroll challenges, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re in disarray. However, if persistent payroll challenges aren’t solved, they will send a business into a troubling, never-ending spiral.

When you take care of your payroll, you take care of your people.

Payroll services in can be said to be when a company renders the service of handling the computation of the payment of an employees’ salary for a particular company. This could be referred to as a payroll of the said company. The service rendered by the external company providing services in will always include the deduction of social security, state, workman’s compensation, federal, Medicare and most times the local taxes of the employees’ from their wages, salaries and bonuses as the case may be of the company that is making use of their service. This service involves the recording of the transactions for the purposes of tax and auditing.

Payroll Services in Oregon
Plus Minus Payroll Services serving clients in Oregon

How the provision of this service operates

The payroll service company in that renders the payroll service is usually paid a fee for the service rendered. What the company does is that it furnishes the payroll service provider with the payroll of all of its employees, the hours that they work, their salaries and all the taxes that are due to each of them. The funds for the salaries are usually transferred to the payroll service company’s account after the calculations and from there the employees will be paid either by way of a direct deposit or by use of a standard check. After all this, the employer is usually issued with the tax reports and the payroll.” Read More

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Plus Minus, Inc.

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